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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What a good idea !

So some dumbarse casting person.
At DWTS, has decided to add Ryan Locthe to the cast.
So someone who can't behave.
As well as doesn't have a clue.
Is rewarded for such behavior...
Great for the kids to learn, from a family friendly program.
Still people wonder how Trump has got where he has.
Here's the answer.....


T. W. said...

Welcome to Amerikkka!

Anonymous said...

Have you not been paying attention to the casting of DWTS for the last few years, CD? This is par for the course

Frugal and Fabulous said...


Anonymous said...

That's the problem like Roger Ayers, I can harass and do anything I want to. And I won't get into trouble and that why I am doing it. No morals, wait until these teens grow up, it will be hard to discipline or control them.

Anonymous said...

CD, even worse: Rick Perry, ultra-conservative Republican from Texas! Maybe the hand writing is on the wall for his political career as far as his presidential hopes. Might as well make himself warm and fuzzy for his base voters.

Develyn Quinn said...

I wonder if this is white privilege in this case
For such behavior...
Particularly in the entertainment industry
Not here to argue
I know all races get away with a lot of stuff

Anonymous said...

The only thing DWTS cares about is ratings.
I would not be surprised if the show starts to go down hill.

Maria said...

Douchiest thing ever. I can't imagine people voting him to stay in.

Then again we have millions voting for Trump to be our president, so...

Anonymous said...

Sure it's white privilege, that's why you can't get them to understand their behavior is wrong.

Common Sense said...

I agree with CD! I too, was appalled to see that Ryan Lochte was chosen to be on this season's DWTS. I mean seriously? After all his shenanigans at the Olympics, he is the last person that should ever be on the show.

I don't think it has anything to do with him being Caucasian. I think it has more to do with ratings. And that is sickening in itself to realize that the producers would leave their morals at the door just to have this character on the show.

Let's hope people do not vote for him. I think that would send a very clear, loud message to the producers, and Lochte himself.

Anonymous said...

The globe that spins on the right--you can rotate it into any position! How cool! I just put Antarctica at the equator, lol. It's lit up this morning with red dots all over the world, on every continent, everywhere but central China. So awesome! You are a very special and blessed guy, Christian, to have the attention of the whole planet!


Frugal and Fabulous said...

what are your thoughts on the whole chris brown pulling a gun on a woman, if it is true?

Anonymous said...

People should understand that Ryan was committed to be on DWTS BEFORE this Olympics.

They also asked Teresa Giudice, but since it's her hubby's turn in the joint, she couldn't do it. Someone had to stay home with the brats.

And they have had Lawrence Taylor on in the past. Not exactly Mr. Squeaky Clean and
something the "white privilege" objectors should consider. Celebrity Big Brother is probably worse with casting.

Anonymous said...

I wish we had Celebrity Big Brother in the US. I wish I could watch the British version. I feel deprived of some of the trashiest TV ever.