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Sunday, October 2, 2016

FOX of course.....

I know that the other day.
I said that the World,
 wouldn't come to an end last Friday.
But. I may have to change my mind.
In 2017...........
Two of the biggest shithead famewhores,
 in the World.
RHOBH Brandi Glanville & Joe Simpson, 
Jessica Simpson Dad/Manager/Chicken Hawk.
They are going to Star in 
"My Kitchen Rules".
If it gets to the first episode, they'll be lucky.


Anonymous said...

The show should be called , The Bimbo Summit!!! Lol

T. W. said...

I am at the Krispy Kreme right now and I just lost my appetite.

Anonymous said...

Hope he keeps his hand off her bum if he's going to be handling food.

Develyn Quinn said...

*rolls eyes*

Anonymous said...

One word - Gross

Anonymous said...

One word .... Gross

Anonymous said...

Purly insane

Anonymous said...

hi CD, Julian Assange said he will make an announcement on Hillary Clinton on Tuesday and that by Wednesday she will be finish!!

Should we be worried? Can you comment???

Anonymous said...

I have not heard of these two people, but I do live in the UK.
What a photo that is. He looks like her pimp.

Christian Dion said...


Anonymous said...

Oh Lordy. I had to look up chicken hawk although I saw the photos on the internet years ago of Papa Joe & his prey. As for Brandi, did her ex do such a number on her head that she turned out like this or was she always this way?

Anonymous said...

Tired old rapist Assange is enjoying his complimentary Trumped up cocktail.

Common Sense said...

And she wonders why she never meets a decent guy!

Um, I thought Joe Simpson was, uh, gay?

The photo is gross, definitely will make her family (and young sons) proud. Ugh.