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TOLD YA.CONMAN.... Way more to come

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

This would be "HUGE"

Meet Trumps Mentor..........

So as the GOP & Trump, 
go at it about Voter Fraud and Voter ID.
Trying to sell us the idea it's about security.........
Well, if you buy that I have a Tower in Paris,
 for sale, free shipping.
What they really should be after is.
The new Law would make sure,
 that anyone with an IQ.
Of 7.
or below, 
wouldn't be allowed to vote.


Letty said…
Not much we can do now about trump! He is the president elect! Let's just pray that we can survive his presidency.
Naime_Paris said…

I'm curious about much of these celebrities that were so vocal during the election.

When a literal Hunger Games occurs (pardon my humor), will Susan Surandon volunteer as tribute? After all, she said that having Trump as President will stir up a revolution.

What about Clint Eastwood? Will he come out of his gated Carmel ranch to call us pussies when our rights are eroded?

T. W. said…
I agree, we need to pray for and love one another in order to survive.
Johanna said…
OT Christian, my Christmas present is ready for me tomorrow. Yes, indeed...just like you stated in your response to my question, I was called today and a young male cockatiel is ready for me to adopt. He was already named Sam...the name I had selected for my new birdie. (He's named after the composer, Samuel Barber...I name all my birds after composers...:-) After a dreary couple of months, pets passing, this recent election, I am looking forward to loving this bird and hearing him sing with my darling canary, Maurice.

I am, again, grateful for your gift...and your willingness to generously share it with us. BTW...while I am at it...don't know if I've mentioned it...but planned on doing so...I love your first/last name...its fabulous...and suits you so well.
T. W. said…
Much love to you, Sam, and Maurice.

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