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As the movie about,
 Capt. Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger. 
Who on Jan 15th 2009. 
Saved the lives of those on board. 
The jet he was piloting. 
By landing it on the Hudson river,
in New York.
Is about to be released in the UK.
Those in charge.
Are still trying to claim that he could have landed the jet at the airport.
This is covered in the movie.
They claim that simulators.
"Prove" this FACT....
I bet there's not one of those "EXPERTS'.
Would getout of their simulators, 
to go back to test that theory, 
in a time machine.
So they need to shut the hell up.


Kristy said…
Gotta love classroom experts!
T. W. said…
Some factors cannot be simulated.

I bet these people have never flown a real plane.
Anonymous said…
Well said CD. Why can't they just give credit where it's due to a man who saved the lives of his passengers and move on.
Matilda x
Anonymous said…
Having lost a loved one in an aircraft accident, I got to know investigators, as well as the process. This movie was a hit piece by the screenwriter and Eastwood. Sully himself in interviews noted that he asked for the names of the characters to be changed because he wasn't treated the way it showed in the movie. The official investigation proved he couldn't land elsewhere. Sully didn't prove it, nor anyone else. It is a matter of public record. Anyone else who is claiming otherwise is a conspiracy theorist. Back in a Wall Street Journal article in 2010, NTSB agents told media that the simulator pilots had a huge advantage in knowing the nature of the emergency they would face-and that Sully did what was best. While what Sully did was truly heroic, to politicize this event is unconscionable-and is unfortunately now typical US fare. The NTSB has no authority to make policy about aviation safety, they simply find the causes of crashes and make recommendations to correct these issues in the future. They already have trouble getting the airlines and FAA to pass policies that would save lives (but cost money), and to make them the target of a hit piece to make money (a movie sells better if there is a villain-even one who is made up).
Anonymous said…
It's a very good film. Sully was a genuine hero who saved the lives of those on board.
Develyn Quinn said…
This really is typical of Hollywood and power hungry people changing people's true story around. Why for once just focus on the amount of lives that were saved why are they debating if it could have been simulated it doesn't fuckin matter. He saved lives why do they always make it about something else
A lot of people are gonna question why the plane didn't land in the water if or when they see the movie stupid as fuck. I agree CD oxo
Anonymous said…
Hi Christian,

Now apparently Julian Assange is planning to go after Angela Merkel? Why is he obsessed with wanting to burn the world on fire?

Norah Black said…

When will the dumb people understand that Assange is rotten to the core?? Will it come out? Will HE be exposed? What's to become of that little weasel?
CyndiTx123 said…
will assange finally pay the price of raping the underage girl????
Anonymous said…
3:36 You are a wonderful person for going to the trouble to give us these facts! Clint Eastwood is an ass. The older he gets, the less he hides it.

Norah and 10:01, Agree about Assange, and in his case, it's actually in his name, tee hee. No hiding his ass!

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