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TOLD YA, She's as bad as he is ..
Friday, June 12, 2015Needs to make a change ...
So as Johnny Depp. Get's over the Aussie doggie farce. He needs to take a check of is life. While career wise no real problem. BUT HIS PRIVATE LIFE NEEDS A COMPLETE CLEAR OUT. PRONTO ...

TOLD YA, half way there..
Saturday, March 5, 2016A GOP nightmare ...
Here's something to upset the GOP right wingers.
When Hilary Clinton is back in the Whitehouse.
She'll declassify the UFO files.
I can't wait.
If you this Trump is getting them going.
Wait till this happens.

Future bright ...

Keegan-Michael Key,  is riding a great wave at the moment. Well, there are even bigger waves ahead of him. Taking him to even greater rights. Now, having said that. The worries that he's carrying deep down,  about his future career. Can be dismissed. The unsettlement at the moment that he's aware of. Will pass in his favor.