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The FUSE is lit.......

So as "WE" know.
This firm has been on wobbly ground,
 for a long time.
Well, things are progressing nicely.
Don't see them buying a Christmas tree,
 together this year.


kiminicki said…
shame for the children still two happy divorced parents better than two married miserable ones. Bet he leaves her always clinging on to him for dear life in every photo ever taken
Letty said…
CD who is behind the CIA wilileaks?

It seems to all benefit trump, makes me think he has something to do with it.

T. W. said…
About time.

Coroner claims George Michael died of natural causes.
Alex S said…
It had to happen soon or later. These two have tried to make it seem they are a couple publicly and the amount of time she spends in NY and he is in the UK with the children, it is a sign in itself. Brand Beckham is probably the main reason they put on this united front. The masses began to wake up to this charade when David's e-mails were leaked and they did not like it one bit. Why the masses worship some of these celebrities is beyond me.
CyndiTx123 said…
Blind Gossip website has an article about them… which we all know the finger points towards them on their recent vacay….. She wouldn't sit or hang with him…. just for pictures to show they are united.

Sad it didn't work out for them….I wish them the best in finding the right partners that will make them happy…..

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