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Told Ya 2 out of 11, nearly gone...........

These "Arseholes",
 may all start 2017 on a high.
But by the end of the year. 
They "ALL" will either have fallen,
 from their "Ivory Towers". 
Or the masses will be planting,
 the explosives in the basement.

Pauline Hanson Australia

Donald “BabyFart”Trump USA

Marine Le Pen Franc

Theresa “ I’m Maggie” May PM UK

David ”The Pope” Miscavige

Paul Nuttall UKIP Boss

President Putin Russia

Erdogen Turkey


T. W. said…
Those pictures say it all. I read somewhere that Le Pen would be the death of France. Russia has a chance but if Vladimir Zhirinovsky takes office that's all folks. I clicked the Fox News link but it says Access Denied. Wonder why. Something about this airstrike doesn't sit well with me. I am not saying it wasn't necessary, I am saying I feel like there are ulterior motives and someone shadowy is going to benefit.
chocmint33 said…
Actually Christian, last week on Australia's ABC program Four Corners there was an expose on Pauline Hanson's One Nation party. It was not flattering. I think she peaked months ago, so you are spot on. Here is the link to the program.

You should watch it as it is an interesting insight into a wayward political party in Australia. Cheers.

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