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Told ya, The TIDES a turning ha ha

Wipeout ...

So in an attempt for him to expand even more his "Empire".
Jay Z and a bunch of cohorts.
Have launched a music streaming service.
Called " Tidal ".
(Sounds more like a laundry detergent to me)
Well, this is one business move,
 that will backfire big time.
He's getting way too grand.
He needs to remember where he came from.
Or this thug will loose his ticket,
 to his posh destination.


T. W. said…
Tidal is a failure. Jay-Z and Beyonce are broke as a joke. I don't know how Kanye will collect what they owe him. He may forgo the money just to be released from the contract. Now that I think about it, Tidal breached their end so the contract is void. He best have lawyers look it over again.
Apple Monkey said…
As always TW - this! X

CD do you have any information regarding Chris Cornell. He seemed such a lovely soul with a beautiful voice. But his wife has given an interview to People Magazine six weeks after his death. And the things that his mother in law has been saying on her now defunct Twitter have been crazy. I hope he is at peace now but feel desperately sorry for his three kids. X
T. W. said…
I love you Apple Monkey!

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