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Showing posts from January 8, 2017

TOLD YA, Closer and closer.....

Thursday, December 29, 2016 Oh.Bloody.'Ell ....
So Victoria "POSH SPICE" Beckham. Is to be awarded the OBE,  in the New Year Honours list. For her work in fashion. You have to be kidding. WTF........... Mind you next will be her going bankrupt.......

Told YA, Week 3, #3
Monday, January 2, 2017
Many more to come......

In response to some questions.
As a result of the latest Isis attack.
This is what I sense.
"They" Isis are planning a lot more,
 of these horrible attacks.
One a week if "They" can get away with them.
As well as planning something very special,
 for Trump special day, late this month.
( May not be in in America)
I can't tell you whether "They".
 Will get away with it.
But the plans are well under way.

Boss, needs to watch out....

Kris "Me, Me, Me" Kardashian/Jenner. Needs to take a little extra care. Of her many secrets.... One of her trusted "Friends". Is planning to spill the beans. Can't wait..........