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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Up, Up & Down ....

So Prince William/ Duke of Cambridge, 
has started his new (Proper) job,
 as an air ambulance pilot.
 As he is so rich, he will donate his salary from the East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA) to charity. 
How nice .........
Mind you I hope they aren't relying on that money.
I get the feeling that he'll be grounded,
 sooner rather than later.
I smell a plot against his life.
You heard it 'ere first.....


NicQuerica said...

Uh oh. ISIS??

Anonymous said...

Oh no!! I was worried about that!! I hope they ground him very soon! Love his sweet family ! My daughter shares the same bday as Duchess Kate :) very pretty and kind

Gaye Jowett said...

O no, I hope things turn out for our lovely prince

T. W. said...

This saddens me. I think the Prince is very brave.

Anonymous said...

Cd they say this is about rob. I can understand why they at she's keeping him drugged up cause I hear she's crazy and pushes him but he's not a druggie. Why do they keep pushing this? http://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2015/07/blind-item-7-620.html

richard jordan said...

I'm confused. I don't know The Duke, however I do know that he is a kind person. Why would anyone want him dead?

Puffy Biggles said...

"Why would anyone want him dead?" The evil doers on the planet that's who. Probably ISIS.

Anonymous said...

Any job that involves flying especially a helicopter is risky. But too dangerous for a high profile person and family man. It was obvious they would stop him have to allow him the grace to be a man and later reel him in to common sense.

Anonymous said...

Who would plot against him? He might not be king until he's 70 or more - so what would be the point? I don't understand. I admire him and his choices. He wants to work a normal job and make a contribution to the world around him - good for him!

CD- your prediction for William and Kate this year was that it would be a year that neither of them "could imagine" ... that sounds pretty extraordinary! I'm curious what that will mean.

Meanwhile the Queen looks better than ever! Long may she reign.

Anonymous said...

I pray that the plot does not succeed. A few psychics have suggested danger around the Royals over next few years.....I hope they stay safe.

Maria said...

I would imagine there's always a plan to hurt or kidnap a royal. But it's scary that you feel the need to mention it because it speaks to the seriousness of it.

I love both princes and their commitment to saving wildlife. We need them in the world. I hope they are kept safe.

Anonymous said...

Who is "they"? This doesn't make any sense. The one who most has their life at risk is Harry as he's the most uncooperative of the royal bunch and he's now the disposable spare to all of the heirs to the throne. Where is this threat coming from and who might be financing it? It just doesn't make sense.

lmo said...