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Told Ya, Jlo signs for $20 million...........

Monday, April 11, 2011 Cry baby............. Steven Tyler rock star  & judge of  American Idol..... Is a little upset at the  attention he is getting from the paparazzi........ So give up the job  and the millions back you are earning from AI. Then they won't pay you the attention. If this upsets him,  wait till he finds out how much JLo will get for the next season...
He'll be gone in 2012/13

WARNING.....Bizare Alien in the USA, very soon !!!

Dear America,
In the very near future you may see the above bus,
on the highways/streets of your wonderful country.
When you do run......
As it is the
"Doomsday Time Machine".
That is transporting 
Katie " Jordan/Supertart " Price 
to your shores.
She is intending to do a road trip for Fox Television.
Starting in New York ending in Los Angeles.
This is truly the beginning of the end......... 
But don't panic it will go the way of her SKY TV show.