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TOLD YA.. Worse to come
2019 Predictions........ December 31, 2018
Christian Dion’s  Psychic Gossip Predictions 2019…  Completed 12/30/18 Blackpool UK
As those that know.  A couple of years ago I didn’t do yearly predictions. As they were very dark. Well, almost same this year.  So dark, I almost didn’t do any.  But then a thought.  Do them Nostradamus style.  So here they are.
6 When he crosses North to South. Don’t expect his friend to frown. Watch the skies for fireworks. High at first, then close to Earth.

Fake News...

Karma girl it's a coming...

Meghan "MeGain" Markle, seems not to learn. That shes part of "Lillibet's Firm". MG seems to think she should get Royalties. From the work she does for QE2. Silly girl, she's about to stumble. Right into the Tower of London..