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Keanu Reeves Psychic Reading... PART 1.

OK, due to the amount of comments. Along with wishing to clear up. What I have or haven't said. In Regard to Mr Reeves. Please Read below. One more point. Someone made the comment that. "I (ME) move in those circles" News to me. "I Christian Dion: Have never met Mr Reeves. Never seen him in real life. Nor. Have I ever met any members of his family. Or any of his entourage. In fact I don't recall even watching . The Matrix". SO NOW THAT'S CLEAR THE READING... OFTEN WHEN A PERSON IS IN A DARK SPACE. SURROUND BY PEOPLE. WHO REALLY DON'T HAVE YOUR BEST INTERESTS AT HEART. IT IS VERY DIFFICULT TO SEE THE LIGHT AHEAD. AS WELL AS NOT BEING ABLE TO LET GO. OF WHAT AND WHOM NEEDS TO GO. BUT, THAT DOESN'T MEAN MR REEVES. ISN'T PLANNING HIS ESCAPE. IT IS IN PROCESS, I ASSURE YOU. AS MR REEVES DEPARTS THESE SHORES VERY SOON. TO CONTINUE WORKING ON THE MANY PROJECTS HE HAS LINED UP. HE WILL HAVE THE SPACE AND DISTANCE TO DO WHAT HE KNOWS HE HAS TO DO.

HAppy Hump Day TRUMP.

Greg Sulkin.. yet another PR relationship coming to a Theater near you..

British Actor/producer is about to embark. On another PR (beard) relationship. With a Hollywood Brat. THIS "RELATIONSHIP" WILL BE EVEN WORSE THAN THE LAST ONE... CAN'T SEE THIS ONE LASTING TILL XMAS...