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Told YA.Another Earthquake...5.9 Japan

M5.9 earthquake, Shindo -5, shakes Fukushima at 11:04. No tsunami warning. No trouble reported at Fukushima nuclear power plant.
The Seer’s
Predictions for 2012
(Completed 21st Dec 2011) 6.   EARTHQUAKES. 2011 has seen more that usual earthquakes. 2012 will be even worse, with one really big hit. West coast needs to watch out.

BGT all is not well......

Simon Cowell is throwing fits,  all over the fact that The Voice  is beating his show in the ratings. He is demanding edits and re-edits  left right and center all the way up to  the last minute. Which isn't making him friends on the show. But it's all in vain. BGT is on it's last legs. As predicted last year......