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TOLD YA Joe........
Wednesday, May 26, 2010 Another Bloody Moron......
Joe Francis he of "Girls Gone Wild" fame.
Is yet again in big trouble.
He is accused of attacking two female employees.
Well he thinks,
they were selling info about him to media people.
Anyway he's just going to keep getting into trouble 
with the cops for years.
Wait till 2012 he'll loose a lawsuit costing millions.
2013 even worse BANKRUPTCY....

A "TOLD YA" from before the days of blogs..
Before Fergie & Andy were divorced. I said British radio/TV. That they would re marry in the future. Well that moment is just around the corner. Which is great news. As they are a great couple. When left alone.......

TOW TRUCK in her future.....

Regardless of how much money you have. You don't give a $125k SUV to a 16 year old. Yet that's exactly what Kylie Jenner,  of the Kardashian clan got. Just how stupid can her mother be. Oh Yeah really stupid. After all she filmed her daughters sex tape. Well maybe she'll be there to film the  fatal accident. That his stupid pressie causes.