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TOLD YA.....Orlando Bloom divorce........, April 27, 2011 Nice work........ Orlando Bloom  is going to be paid $1 million dollars For about 2 minutes work. In  " The Hobbit" Worth every penny. It'll be a bigger hit  than they think. Another trilogy but don't  tell anyone. 2013 bad year for romance. Posted by at Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Can't stop laughing.....

You have been asking me about the reports that 
Kristen Stewart 

Robert Pattinson. Are either friends with benefits. Or are going to get back together. For those of you that have read by blog for some time. Know what I think about this
 "Relationship". It's all PR. But let me make it clear. It never was "Real". Nor are they friends with benefits. Or are they getting back together. OK....... Cool.