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TOLD YA.. She got it.. Thank Papa Charles.. in La La Land.. ?!?!?!?!?!?!?

April 03, 2020 I have told you this before.
In fact from the very beginning.
That this "relationship", wouldn't work.
Well, now shes up the street.
(For now).
I get her vibes even stronger.
She's planning her exit.
Once she gets, the mansion she wants.
(North of Malibu)
She, will then send in the lawyers.
What she doesn't seem to grasp.
Is that Lillibet, has all the very best lawyers.
However, Megexit will still persue her plans.
Let's hope she isn't planning to tell tales.
Or, she'll be seeing a tunnel.
Quicker than she thinks........

잘 주무셨어요?

Fingers Crossed...

Trump & Twitter  will be busy... Let's hope this is enough... To unseat the occupant of the Whitehouse...