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Told Ya.......Syria war approaching..., July 29, 2010 A Thought for Iran......... This is probably going to get me into trouble.
But I have to be true to myself.
Iran in November, of this year, as well as the year that follows.
Is definitely not the place to be.
So if you plan to travel there in that time,  don't.
If you have loved ones, there tell them to go on holiday abroad.
If you are reading this in Iran,  leave.
It is going to be a very bad time indeed. The clue to this is when we begin to see Libya start to fall. 
Followed by Syria.

Posted by Psychic Gossip at Thursday, July 29, 2010

Told Ya ......IRS are coming.........
Friday, August 27, 2010
Midnight rider.......... So within 24 hours of being released from rehab. Lindsay Lohan is seem whizzing around Hollywierd. In her 1am. Doesn't seem to me that she has learned anything. Why does she need to be driving around, at that time of night? Other than to *** ***** Yeah...I agree............  I can't wait for the tax stuff to come out. Posted by at Friday, August 27, 2010


Scottish born actor Alan Cummings. Has a new monthly show called  "Lucid Conversations" Which once it settles will be a hit. Let's hope the powers that be give it time. I await my invitation with baited breath.