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TOLD YA.. Paris is burning.... Troubles are looming.... January 03, 2018 Lovely Paris & France......... Along with the People of...... Are in line for many upsets in the coming months. Including rioting in the streets. As well as a couple of really bad terror attacks. ..

BF Meme of the Day

TOLD YA Ratings "STINK" Time to get the tale "Straight" October 22, 2017 Ex DWTS Pro Derek Hough. Needs to take stock of what is about to come to light. He better have hidden his history,  over the last couple of years. Otherwise, he'll find his huge "Fan" base disappear. To be left with only the Blue & Pink Rinse gang. (ps Next season 2018 FLOP)

A little extra LAUGH

BF Meme of the day " You gotta have friends"