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Latin approval......

Tonight Ricky Martin made his, first public appearance, since he came "Out" On the Latin Billboard Awards. On Telemundo Television. He got a standing ovation.  From a Latin macho audience. Maybe times are a changing. But just wait till he gets married in 2014/15.

Time to Cruise on out...

OK, so no one else is going to say this.
Katie Holmes aka Mrs Tom Cruise.
Needs to get away from her current life.
Before she cracks up completely.
Under pressure of her husband
and the crackpots, that surround him.
From that cult he loves so much.
Because Katie he loves that cult,
more than he loves you ! Oh! just wait till the auditioning of his "Wives" comes to light.

Not really a drag.....

Maxxie aka Max Oliver,
from BGT where impersonates
his idol "Lady Gaga".
He has been getting hate mail,
along with death threats.
What is wrong with people.
It's called entertianment,
you morons.
Why don't you put on a frock
and stand up there. On the real Gaga front engagement ring in 2012.

Telly Tubby Becks

David  Beckham is putting on weight.
Duh, he's out due to injury.
Just proves he's human.
Trust me he'll be in shape.
In time for the next million dollar 
ad campaign. France "beckens" in 2013......

Alien Invasion?

Super brain Stephen Hawking,
has declared that there are Aliens.
Whats more they are coming to get us.
Er too late Stephen...
They are here already.
Haven't you met the World's politicians?

Idiot Brits.....

Brit actors Vinny Jones & Tamer Hassan.
Came to Holywood and started fighting.
What arseholes.
Listen you two, you are British.
You are supposed to have some class.
Grow up.
Or they will take away your green cards.

Micheal is a stalking.....

Well, it turns out that Micheal Lohan.
Has threatened to kill,
his daughter Lindsay.
Personally I believe her.
She needs to get a restraining order,
against this bloody moron.
Before he does something,
Nastier than he has already done.

Ego overboard.

Front man of the band Starman.
Andrew Stone, believes his band
is the next Sex Pistols.
Sorry Andrew, not true.
Nor will they ever be.
Malcolm McClaren,
must be turning,
in his freshly dug grave.


Alcoholic David Hasselhoff,
is moaning that his getting drunk.
Was normal in Hollywood's old days.
Maybe true David.
But now we know it's not good for you.
Better clean up.
Or you'll be in the old Hollywood graveyard.

Pen to paper ugh.....

This is almost unbelievable, But then again this is Hollywierd. The Karadashian girls are writing a book. About, wait for it…….. Family Relationships. Not something you should buy for your daughters or your Sons.

PETA is watching.

There’s a pic doing the rounds. Of Kim Kardashian. Smiling, in a low cut dress. Holding a kitten by the scruff of the neck. This bitch, (not the cat) Needs to be held up by her TITS. Then she how she feels….

Knickers or no knickers......

Brit comic Russell Brand. It appears he’s in a spot of trouble. What you ask……. Well he likes to walk around in his underpants. When other people are there. Er, it’s Russell Brand….. Thank God he keeps them on.
Wait till 2012 a very bad year for him........

Mascara, blusher & Lippy….

--> So Kim Kardashian is stepping out , In Spain with footballer.. Cristiano Ronaldo.
It won't last. Some people ask “What do they have in common ?” Simple they can swap make up tips. Plus they are both DIM MORONS.
Don't worry.
One day his secret will "OUT"


Ricky Martin has a new video. Where once again he is naked. In his comeback performance. A stroke of genius… But do I smell a theme..,…?
Australia call is 2013, he will be brilliant.

Show us ya Bollocks !

“Boyzone” have a new single. Which will launch complete with A risqué video on May 17th. It’ll be a hit…… Plus the late Stephen Gately, Will be watching the guys naked, While howling with approval…

Ash to ash equals no flights...

U.K. airspace has been closed. Due to the ash from the Icelandic Volcano. But, believe it or not. Some people are complaining……. So, I say let them fly the aircraft. Then when they fall from the sky. There will be only them to blame. Pillocks…….
America needs to watch 2017/18.
For their big eruption..
p.s. Etna in 2012 will be a problem.....
(On a side note.
In 2014/15/16.
A political event.
Will bring down the Iceland government.
As well as many more Dominoes, fall around the World.
Of the rich & the powerful).

Bonded Bimbo......

Reality TV star Heidi Montag Has a new ambition…. She wants to be an action hero. Apparently she’s writing a screenplay For herself……. A Bimbo meets Bond type thing. OK, I am on the floor laughing too. But in Hollywierd you never know.


Congratulations to my Dear friends Andy & Danielle, to whom the stork, Delivered a baby boy, today.
In Hollywood. 5lbs 11oz at 12.18pm (PT) The first of many…… p.s. Andy is going to be a Star..... of course it helps he's cute...

Dick,Dick,Dick.......just a Dick.......

Andy Dick has now taken to walking Into peoples homes in the middle of the night. He didn’t get arrested.. The cops gave him a ride home. Let’s guess drink or drugs or both. He’s going do it again….. And next time it won’t end as happy…..
He's going to get sued big time.......
He'll lose too.

Shut your GOB !

Sassy Thomas from London. She makes $4.000 a month Stuffing her mouth with food. Men watch these videos, it’s a fetish thing. She’s about 300lbs and growing. Sassy. YOU ARE KILLING YOURSELF. Silly bitch.

Not over this Rainbow...

Rumour mill says…. Dame Elizabeth Taylor, Is to marry a 49yr old talent agent. Jason Winters, a friend of Michael Jackson. By the way she’s 78 yrs old. Not unless Gay marriage Was made legal in California overnight.
Mind you she would have to live 5/6 years more.
Then they could live anywhere.

Firing Time.......

Why is that reality show “Pretty Wild” on TV? It features girls, Who’s claim to fame. Is involvement with stealing Over $2 million dollars. From celebrities homes. Not exactly role models. Get them off the air or cable.


Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel. Are KAPUT…….. Duh, Told you so months ago. Very good news for her. Him well he’ll never settle, Till he finds himself………
Or wins her back......

Miley, no

The rumour mill has it, That Miley Cyrus is planning To marry her latest “beau” Liam Hemsworth. The minute she turns 18 yrs old. A disaster waiting to happen, Which it won’t……. Miley wake up, he’s only after publicity.

Better times ahead Cheryl....??

It appears Cheryl Cole has been Told by some LA psychic. (It wasn’t me) That Cheryl & cheating hubby Are soul mates. BOLLOCKS……. Soul mates don’t cheat on each other. Cheryl divorce the bastard.
She'll be back with him, by summer 2011.
Silly ..........

Just a load of Balls

LA Dodgers owners 
Mr & Mrs McCourt. Divorce saga is nothing short of 
a real soap opera. Amongst other things, she wants. $1 million a month to live… LA Dodgers stadium staff 
Earn $7 an hour…… Before tax……
Enough said.......