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Prayer Circle for protection...

Well, seems I hit a nerve..
The other day I did a post about.
Keanu Reeves.....
It was in regard to one Alexandra Grant.
An alleged artist of sorts.
I mentioned in the post that Keanu.
Needs to get rid of her pronto.
She has the darkest Aura that I have ever seen.
Trust me I have seen lots.
She is a Dark Witch/bitch.
A money grabbing, fame whore.
Manipulating scumbag.
So, I got a lot of questions, from Keanu fans.
From around the World.
Well, to help save Keanu from this evil.
I am starting a Prayer circle.
To protect him and his family.
As well as put Spiritual pressure on her.
To get rid of her.
If you would like to join.
Just add your name & thoughts in the comments.


NOW......... There is no later..

If someone who maybe cares. Doesn’t get this spoilt brat into proper rehab NOW........................... He will not see Xmas... He’s strung out on so man drugs & booze. Including HEROIN. It’s a wonder he can stand up. So to those that are living on his gravy chain. Then, get off your arses... Or you’ll be broke.........