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While walking in the Welsh Hills....... holding hands.

So there you have it British PM,  Theresa "I am better than Maggie" May. Seems while on hols with hubby. "They" decided,  that a snap General Election would be called. WHAT........... Anywho, she has missed read the polls,  of late, that have given her the lead. Just remember how right the polls,  were with Trump....... If you read this PM.... BIG MISTAKE.......... Scotland and the North,  will show you who's the "Boss" this time......

TOLD YA. She's a coward....... January 18, 2017 Total Twaddle....... Theresa May PM of Gt Britian. Today delivered her "PLAN" for leaving the EU. It seems to have left people,  more confused than before. No surprise there. Brexit is going to bring her,  and the country to it's knees. Not good........

TOLD YA, She's a going, but only to screw the Scots..
These "Arseholes",
 may all start 2017 on a high. But by the end of the year.  They "ALL" will either have fallen,
 from their "Ivory Towers".  Or the masses will be planting,  the explosives in the basement.
Pauline Hanson Australia

Donald “BabyFart”Trump USA

Marine Le Pen Franc

Theresa “ I’m Maggie” May PM UK

David ”The Pope” Miscavige

Paul Nuttall UKIP Boss
President Putin Russia

Bashar Al Assad

Erdogen Turkey
Golden Dawn Neo Nazi Greece

Not going to be fun...... another kiddie too ...

Kim Kardashian,  is about to enter the roughest time of her life. The reason, of course......... Is her "IDIOT" Hubby Kanye "I am God" West. He's not going to get better. In fact he's about to get lot worse. Time for him to be sent EAST... Russia would be good. He's a mad man, wannabe tuf guy......