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 I have posted about this before. But, this morning. I awoke with the following in my mind. An odd place to be for anyone! The Law Suit between. Actress, Gold Digger, Domestic Abuser. & Actor Johnny Depp. IS GOING TO BE A COMPLETE SHIT SHOW...  FOR MS HEARD... ONCE THE JURY HEAR ABOUT HOW SHE MAIMED MR DEPP... TO SAY THE LEAST... THEY ARE NOT JUST GOING TO SIDE WITH MR DEPP... BUT, THEY WILL THROW THE BOOK AT HER... I SEE THIS MAKING HER BANKRUPT... EVEN HER "CURRENT" JOHNS... WILL KICK HER BACK  TO THE CURB... From whence she came... MR DEPP WILL BE ABLE TO BUY  A NEW HOUSE WITH THE SETTLEMENT...

TOLD YA Mama June Devils Dandruff.... For now.......... April 05, 2017 Well, we have to say well done. To Mama June for the amazing weight loss. Via, diet, exercise & surgery..... She really does look fabulous. But the sad part is it's down to drugs. SNIFF SNIFF.. Why? well she hasn't dealt,  with the deep rooted issues.