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Ukraine much worse to come....

Saturday, April 19, 2014Untruth.........
I hate to be a downer especially at Easter.
But if the powers that be.
Believe for one minute, that Pres Putin.
Is going to stick with the Ukraine deal,
 that was delivered yesterday.
They all need guide dogs.
He's buying time plain and simple.
It is as though the 1930's is returning.
We all know what that lead to.

Drink ? or Drugs ? either way ????

Saturday, July 26, 2014Just a matter of time.
So fame whore,  Scott "Is Dick" Disick. Has fallen off the wagon again. This time though he's going to do himself and others real damage.


Billionaire US entrepreneur Donald Trump has announced plans to build his first Trump Tower,  in Mumbai in a joint venture with Indian property developer Lodha Group. Great news for the people of America. We get rid of the moron. Mind you this could be the one venture that finally bankrupts him for good.
Hopefully he won't even have enough fuel left for the private jet home.