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Showing posts from April 24, 2017

Rough week ahead.....

On the final approach to,  " Babyfarts" 100th Day. Is he in for a rough week.... He's going to try all kinds of PR BS. It won't work. Even those that voted for him. Are beginning to see the light. The good news is. As he gets more and more upset. About not reaching "ALL" his promises. In fact non of the important ones. He's going to go on a Twitter rant. Like we haven't seen. I CAN'T WAIT......

Babyfart, more than 75............ MORON

Just watched, Trump/Babyfart. Along with Ivanka Daughter/Mistress. Chatting with those brave & wonderful Souls. On the. INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION Babyfart .... " Great, to see American Equipment working so well" Those that built the ISS  United States (NASA),  Russia (RKA),  Japan (JAXA),  Canada (CSA)  Eleven European countries (ESA).  The Brazilian Space Agency (AEB)  The Italian Space Agency   China has reportedly expressed interest in the project,. So 75 Countries In Total. 

Last few days .......

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Naughty Boy,bend over.........

Seems the UK "IT" lot. Think that non elected PM Theresa May. Is in control of many things. Especially Boris Johnson. Erm.................. Well, if she thinks "spanking" his botty,  will do the trick it won't. It happened to him everyday,  at his expensive schools. Left quite a mark I hear. So she better find another way,  of keeping him in place. Or, he will bite back, bigtime.....