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Showing posts from December 13, 2016

Turkey, & I don't mean Xmas dinner...

As though Babyfarts' Fascist behaviour. Of I am King/Dictoer not Pres Elect. Isn't enough...... That fucking monster in charge in Turkey. Is the one behind the so called "Terrorist" attacks. Plus he's just going to get worse. So if you just what is happening there. Then you have the writing on the wall, as to what Babyfart is going to do.


So after a lot of thought, plus no doubt JetLag. I am going to do 2017 predictions. Granted starting a little late Ha Ha. They will be presented in a slightly different way. Along with a few other changes on the blog,  for 2017. But they will not be posted before, Midnite Dec 31st (UK time). Also if you have any suggestions of victims. Please leave then in the comment box below. I will do my "BEST",  To include them, no promises.

Back StateSide

Hi One & All.. I am back in the States. (Yeah I know they let me back I ha ha). So please give me a few days, to get out of JetLag Heaven. So posts etc maybe a little spotty. Also came back to a Family member Bob. In hospital, so please keep him in your thoughts/prayers. Will add his photo when I can. He's a Scotsman so you know that he's stubborn......... So he tends not to listen to anhyone. Even his wife, so its a bit tuf. CDxxx

So Bright

Babyfart has decided that he's too "SMART", to need daily briefings. Yet, he accused Pres Obama,  of being too busy to attend his. Ermmmm. One went bankrupt more than once. One didn't. I know who's the smarter. Not the Orange one.........