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TOLD YA... BYE BYE... CROOK..,2,1 RUN.......... or DEPORTATION AHEAD.. October 04, 2014
So Teresa & Joe Giudice, have been given jail time. Teresa starts her sentence in Jan 2015. The judge deferred Joe's sentence,  till after Teresa has served hers. Big mistake. He's going to wait till about,  a month or so before she gets out. Then he'll run. Doesn't matter that he has surrendered,  his passport he'll but another.

He's serious too...

Spook Special....

Halloween Email Reading Special..... October 06, 2018
Halloween Special.
3 question email reading normally $50 usd.
From now till midnight Halloween 2018.
6 questions for $50 usd……

(recent picture required)
Send pic & questions to
Payable in advance by Paypal.
Send payment to
At they walk you through the process.

Arseholes that "Lunch".....

This coming Thursday... Kanye "I am God" West....... Is going to the Whitehouse, for lunch with Babyfart... I wonder if KW is going to get divorce advice. As Babyfart has had 2/3 he knows the lay of the land. Why you ask????????????????????? Oh Kim is about to dump him..........

1st prize for sure ha ha..