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Showing posts from March 12, 2010

Follow your dream, make it big.

Heart throb Jeremy Renner,
has had a wonderful week.
Believe me there’s a lot more,
to come for this actor.
It is wonderful in Hollywood,
For a change to see a nice,
open guy to get to the top.
Well done,
Jeremy keep up the good work.
Let’s hope the closet door stays closed.

Rockwieller Camilla sent back to her kennel.

So The Queen is passing the British throne,
to Prince William.
So passing over Prince Charles.
Like that’s a surprise,
I’ve been telling folks for many years,
That Charles would never be King.
But watch the Shit that hits the fan from Camilla.
She’s going to get real dirty, it’s fabulous.
Camilla, the Karma Goddess just got you good & plenty.