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Showing posts from June 10, 2010

About time........Dr

Michael Jackson's Dr.
Dr Murray......
Is being investigated by the Medical Board.
About time............
It's almost a year since MJ died. But it'll take till 2013 to arrest Dr Klien,

Told Ya "Lindsay Clinky calling.........."

So it looks like Lindsay Lohan,
is going to jail.
A judge in L.A. issued a warrant.
For her arrest, because the alcohol bracelet.
Went "PING" at the MYV Awards.
Told Ya From Cannes to Clinky.... May 20, 2010 So the Judge has issued a warrant, for the arrest of Lindsay Lohan. Please God. Let this be the wake up call, that saves her life. Hopefully, locking her up will keep her father away too.