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TOLD YA, Mr & Mrs Beckham
Dear David & Victoria ...........
You may consider roping in your Son.
Before he does something really silly.
Or, does great harm to himself.
He's already out of control.
But, he's starting to .......
1. Mixing with the wrong crowd.
2. Beginning to believe his own PR.
3. Think he has an IQ higher than the norm it is. 
4. Believes his looks will carry him through life.

TOLD YA, one of his tarts...... 
 Nanny Loraine Gilies
Jan 31st 2017

Ex Spice Girl & Xfactor judge.
MelB .
Needs to dump that bastard husband/ conman,
 of hers Stephen Belafonte.
(Classic hanger on)
He's cheating on her, as always..
If she doesn't do this in the year.
It will end really badly.

TOLD YA It's going to get alot worse, he he

It's going to get alot worse, he he  February 26, 2015
Faux News anchor and moron, Bill O'Rielly. Thinks he's made of teflon. Well, he's not.  I know, that I have said this before. You won't believe what/who the next round, of soon to exposed lies involve. But he'll be gone soon. Brian Williams must be loving this.

For now..........

Well, we have to say well done. To Mama June for the amazing weight loss. Via, diet, exercise & surgery..... She really does look fabulous. But the sad part is it's down to drugs.
SNIFF SNIFF.. Why? well she hasn't dealt,  with the deep rooted issues.