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Showing posts from June 30, 2012

Told Ya More to come The Futurist’s Predictions for 2012 (Completed 21 st Dec 2011) 19. 2012 ECONOMY PLUS Not good, those in the City and on Wall St, better star to take note of the publics mood or they are going to find themselves in line at the soup kitchens just like their ancestors did after the 1929 crash. They have till late spring to change their ways or else.

6.6 China rattled......... The SEER’s Predictions for 2012 (Completed 21 st Dec 2011) 6.   EARTHQUAKES. 2011 has seen more than usual earthquakes. 2012 will be even worse, with one really big hit. West coast needs to watch out.

Last Legs....

The really good news in regard to the pending divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Is that The Cult,  aka fake religion of Scientology. Will not survive what is about to be disclosed during the nasty divorce battle. FABULOUS........