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Took a little longer than I thought...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010Not for long......... UK comedian David Walliams,
wed Lara Stone.
Over the weekend at wonderful ceremony.
At Claridges Hotel in London.
Attended by all the A List celebrities.
However, it's doomed.......
Think Elton John & his wedding
in Sydney, Australia.

Just in case you were wondering ...

Trouble ahead ... DIVORCE in 5...

Since the birth of her daughter River Rose, her first child with husband Brandon Blackstock. Kelly Clarkson has entered even deeper,  into  the weirdness of her world. It's not to do with the child,  or post natal depression. It's to do with the cheating wanker of a husband. She's in for a rough time ahead. But, she'll be the stronger for it in the end.