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Almost there.......... Monday, April 9, 2012 Clinky by Xmas....... Here we go again. Just as you thought that Lindsay Lohan,  may have gotten her life back on track. She goes clubbing. (Which she told the judge, that she no longer did). Then ends up in a scrap in at  a  Hollywood nightclub. This girl just won't learn....... Posted by Christian Dion at Monday, April 09, 2012

Time to move........

This is  Tamara Ecclestone  sort of a Brit Kardashian. She lives off her Daddy's Formula 1 race wealth. Seems there's going to be another reality show to hit the USA airwaves. Starring her & life. Dear God. Another rich bitch flaunting her lazy life style. In the faces of people trying to survive......... Put her on food stamps. Now that would be a show. Mind you wait till the drug stuff is exposed.