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Showing posts from November 4, 2017

TOLD YA, All jumping ship..... Going Down....... May 06, 2017 We all know that Mariah Carey, is a Diva. Plus she doesn't really live in the "Real" world. But if she doesn't behave. She's only got a couple of winters left.... (Especially if the Manager bails)

TOLD YA. #3 with another half a dozen to appear... He was pushed, wait a couple of days... Nov 1st 2017 So don't fall for the that   Sir Michael Fallon .  Defense Secretary  , no less.. Resigned over a knee touch 15yrs ago. Yes, it wasn't right. But there's way more about to be exposed. Then you'll see why he was more or less sent packing PR

TOLD YA, Just going to get worse... Needs to make a change ... June 12, 2015 So as  Johnny Depp. Get's over the  Aussie  doggie farce. He needs to take a check of is life. While career wise no real problem. BUT HIS PRIVATE LIFE NEEDS A COMPLETE CLEAR OUT. PRONTO ...

BF Meme of the Day

I would be surprised if this long Asia trip wasn't suddenly..... Cut short.... Why............ Oh we no doubt TRUMP will claim health. But, I think Babyfart will just get bored & throw a tantrum.... 

So "Weird" happening around Guy Fawkes Night...

I find it very interesting that all this "Sex Scandal" coming to light. Around the Houses of Parliament... Smack on the anniversary of Guy Fawkes ,  trying to blow the place up. Seems he must be haunting the joint, ha ha. Anyway, there's a lot more juicy stuff to come. Stay tuned. Watch the walls of Government begin to crumble. Remember Theresa May , I did warn you months ago, he he