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And Counting ..

Friday, June 10, 2016Tuesday 14th June.... GhostCall Radio Network We bring you the weird from around the world Skip to content HomeChat & ListenNetwork ShowsArchives Back by popular demand Christian Dion, one of Hollywood’s Finest.Posted onJ

TOLD YA, Even worse.. Friday, June 10, 2016LEAVE ......

For those of you that live near, any of the sites. Of the Euro 2016, football games. LEAVE now. It's going to be very sad, as over half a million. Brit Footie fans swarm on Europe. They really don't know ow to behave . Then there's the bloody Isis morons,  who are planning major attacks. One or two will not get stopped.

TOLD YA, one to get ..
Thursday, December 17, 2015How Sweet .
Well.well... It seems there's a  "Bromance"  developing between. These Druggies... Chris Brown, & Scott "IsDick" Disick. What a perfectly wonderful match. Two complete Dick Heads. PERFECT ...


So Justin "My Favorite Lesbian" Biebers. "Friends",  are worried that he is heading for a breakdown. No kidding. Heading for a breakdown? He's in a fully fledged massive breakdown. Just wait till the Fall/Autumn.