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Told Ya Record breaking #1, December 18, 2011 A hit......... Tuesday 20th Dec Adam Lambert delivers. Or as the young ones say. "Drops"  his latest  "Record"  as they used to be called. It's a hit.......... Plus watch for the record breaking #1 in 2012. Posted by Christian Dion at

Told Ya Hacker Piers Morgan
Wednesday, July 20, 2011 "In my own words..." Piers Morgan.... Well, well, well the  Murdoch hearings in London. One of the government committee members. Brought to light the fact. That Piers Morgan,  brags in his own book,  in his own words. That he got his scoops by phone hacking. While he worked at the  "News Of The World" Can't wait till the powers that be at CNN, have to deal with this one. The beginning of the end.  Just wait till ex reporters start spilling the beans.

Warning, Warning...........

Heidi Montag, along with her bought boobs,  was spotted the other day in  LA Land....... Didn't see hubby Spencer Pratt though. Seems that they are poor now and living  in a less than nice part of LA. Don't fret we won't see much of them as they  are on their 16th minute of fame.