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A little MIA, not enough...

Kelly Anne Conway,  has been in the shadows of late. Well, at least on my TV screen. But, shes  making waves again. Which is good......... As people will begin to see. What an Awful being she is. It just about the money.... Now even the "DARK' side beings. Are starting to see the light. Well, that's good news. Babyfart is about to get tired of her. Firing on the way. So COOL........ 
 Once he finds out she's the leaker.

Just get Putin to poison his booze.....

So as the vodka swilling pig that is Kim Jon Un. Continues his "Plastic" sabre rattling..... He's promising to launch more of his toys. Even let off an "ATOM" bomb. Even though he in no way. Has the amount of "TOYS" he claims. He does have some. Remember, 

it only takes a "Little Prick" to burst any balloon. (Pun intended). But he is about to do something,  from which there will be no return for him.  "Babyfart" is just waiting, for this. So he can press another button. WANKERS the lot of them.

I fear another three....

To my friends in Paris, stay safe. To the World.......  I am sorry to say I sense another three, before the French Election is done...... Then there's the others, in other places. These ISIS monsters are on a rampage......
They are plotting to hit European Embassies. 

Not worth the Cost.......

For those of you outside the UK.
This is Katie Price, 
she's the Brit version of Kim Kardashian.
With about as much talent......
Put it this way, she has written 48+ books.
In her 30+ years on Earth??????
Of late she seems to be in a distruct mode.Crazy pics, well more crazy.....
Weird pronouncements.
Either she's high........
Heading for a breakdown............
Maybe BOTH.
Someone needs to get her into rehab, 
or whatever.........
If not she won't be seeing Christmas.

TOLD YA A sad one......... Dec 31st 2015
A Tad Earlier than stated 2016 Predictions
Christian Dions’ Psychic Predictions 2016 (Composed in Hermosa Beach CA USA). (Completed Dec 29th 2pm PT)  ISIS There are as I mentioned above many more attacks, in the pipeline.
At least, 
six in the USA.
Many more, 
that we won’t hear of as the powers that be,
Will stop them.
The UK won’t get away lightly either.
In fact although they won’t have as many attacks that are successful,

The numbers of injuries will be higher.

Not just in London either. These monsters are looking at the Midlands and the North to make their voices heard.
Canada needs also, to keep a sharp eye out on their West Coast.
Plans are a foot to make them sit up and take notice.
They also haven’t finished with France.
They see the 2015 events as a bit of a failure.