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Dear John, watch out, watch out, theres’ a ??? About

I do hope John Travolta.....
ISN'T under the illusion.
That he has escaped all these..
Sex Abuse Revelations.. He HASN'T.... He’s getting very close,
to the top of the list. Watch for all kinds of
 “ODD” stuff, careerwise begin to take place..
Starting with the "GOTTI" movie.. FLOP.... CRAP... Nil Points...

Just a little “Hump Day” Trump meme ha ha

BF Wailing Meme of the Day

TOLD YA, Another almost a month to the day.. "Weird" happening around Guy Fawkes Night...November 04 2017

I find it very interesting that all this "Sex Scandal" coming to light. Around the Houses of Parliament... Smack on the anniversary of Guy Fawkes,  trying to blow the place up. Seems he must be haunting the joint, ha ha. Anyway, there's a lot more juicy stuff to come. Stay tuned. Watch the walls of Government begin to crumble. Remember Theresa May, I did warn you months ago, he he

How Hitler rose to power. Is how Trump is playing the game.... TO PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE... OTHERWISE ??????