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Showing posts from January 27, 2017

Todays tantrum .... from a Christian ????

Babyfart has decided to block,  "SOME" refugee's, from entering the USA. Feels a bit like, we at the gates to the concentration camps. Where people were divided into live don't live...... Well, hope he knows...... That this will just wind up,  those other monsters Isis. Look out, there are terrorists about......
PS But not all....... are banned .......

TOLD YA.. More than Unzipped......., December 5, 2015 WTF ....
Now believe this or not this moron,   a rapper called  "Stitches". (Can't think why) Was arrested for having the intent. While driving a sports car,  to shoot another rapper called  "The Game" What is the problem with these low lives. Oh well he'll see only one more Xmas. If he continues down this road.

Told Ya. A little too pale........, January 28, 2016
From white to whiter... Or is it Black Face

Will those in the casting world ever learn.
On the heels of the 'OSCAR " drama.
They cast Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson.
This won't go down well.
Nor will it work.