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Showing posts from May 9, 2010

Not welcome in Hollywood

A reporter called Ramin Setoodeh.
Who writes Newsweek.
Wrote an article in which he states.
Straight men can play "Gay",
but Gay men can't play "Straight"
What a load of "BOLLOCKS"
Ramin, good luck in getting,
any more interviews in Hollywood.
Haven't you heard of the
"Lavender" mafia?

Pratt at it again.....

Darlene Egelhoff,
Spencer Pratt's mother in law.
Is facing foreclosure.
When the moron Spencer Pratt.
Heard the news he stated;
" Best news I have heard all week".
Indeed a PRATT & a complete WANKER.

West End Susan........

Seems like Susan Boyle will play Fantine.
Well at least for one performance.
Cameron Mackintosh, wants her for,
the 25th Anniversary of Les Miserables.
In London later this year.
She'll be fabulous.