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TOLD YA More clinky .... Thursday, October 31, 2013
Smug BASTARD......... Here's Girlfriend Beater  Chris " MORON " Brown. Leaving jail the other day. Then yesterday he entered  " REHAB "
for 3 whole months,
(he won't last that long)
in Malibu  to address his behaviour. It's just a ploy to avoid the judge,  throwing him in jail. Does he think the judge is stupid? Another PR stunt. Well this time it won't work. I hope he's looking forward to wearing alot of ORANGE.. Posted by at Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lost her Ba Ba......

Sherri Shepherd and Husband Lamar Sally Getting Divorced
Sherri Shepard (the religious zealot of The View) and her husband have split up. Lamar Sally filed for divorce last week,  after less than three years of marriage. I always got the feeling this wasn't on the level. It's going to get nasty. Plus it'll show what a hypocrite she is.