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Told Ya The Pope in a sex tape......’s-pope-doing-bel-ami-gay-adult-film
Monday, March 29, 2010
Gucci earplugs, I believe…. So the Pope says that , he won’t be intimidated, by all the criticism of his handling, of the latest sex scandal. (Wait till the 2012 sex scandal starts) Well if that doesn’t tell the World, that the Vatican never listens nothing will. This Pope is the beginning, of the end for the Catholic church. Seems to me the devil is at home, with the Holy C. Posted by THE FUTURIST at Monday, March 29, 2010

Told Ya Wed.........., September 30, 2011 Not buying it........ The Hollywood PR machine is in full swing. Claiming that Blake Lively & Leo DiCaprio  are an item. Something just doesn't sit right. Although ding dong for her in 2012. Posted by Christian Dion at

You have to laugh.......

I do hope that Heidi Klum doesn't think that her nearly ex Seal.  Is going to start behaving any better than he has been doing as of late. He's not going to. He's really showing his true colours. An arrogant arsehole.
Oh, & sex abuser... Two phrases come to mind. " Ye protesth too much " " Pot calling the kettle black "