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Told Ya ! Kardashian wedding date........

Monday, March 22, 2010
Beating around the wrong bush Reggie Bush aka Mr Kim Kardashian,
Seems not to have learned his lesson.
He’s still hanging out in the wrong places
with the wrong people.
Especially pretty brunettes.
I sense a break, again.
But she'll be back..
But bet Kim keeps the ring.
She won't be sad for long.
She'll snag another idiot that plays with balls.
Only lighter......
Summer wedding bells.
But it'll end in divorce......... Posted by Psychic Gossipat 4:14 AM

She can't be that stupid ?

Stacey Giggs  maybe giving her  cheating  footballer husband  another chance. Even after the cheated on her  with his & hers  sister in law. ?????????????? It won't last. They are on a make or break holiday. I think  she's just buying time  to get the lawyers in place....

Told Ya...Elton & George kiss and make up.......

Friday, May 13, 2011
He's Back........ George Michael 
just announced
his new tour.
Called " Symphonica "..
Get your tickets now...
It'll be a smash.
Although it'll end due to sickness.
But the best thing he could 
do for his career, 
is make up with Sir Elton.........
Please God he does.......
I feel he will.