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TOLD YA Splitsville

Tuesday, June 21, 201151yr old marries 16yr old.......!/entry/courtney-stodden-on-marriage-split-i-wanted-my-freedom,527e5eb3025312186c820f5d OK you right wing nut jobs. Who oppose marriage for all. Under the marriage is sacred mantra. Why are you lot not against this...... Doug Hurchinson 51yr old actor  marries  16yr old country singer Courtney Aleis Stodden. Is this how to keep marriage sacred as you claim..... Don't think so..... Simply perverted. MIND YOU IT WON'T LAST..... Make sure you take cover in 2012 when she releases her single. Posted by at Tuesday, June 21, 2011 Labels: 

Tralier park trash wedding.....

Jessica Simpson has decided, not to invite her father. To her upcoming wedding to Eric Johnson. As she is a frain that he will, either bring a male companion. Or cause a fight with his ex wife,  or worse both. Jessica he's going to turn up anyway. GOOD LUCK.