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TOLD YA, They are both at it.......
What's she on..... December 15, 2013 Kim " Supertart" Kardashian,  is now rattling on how   "SWEET"  Kanye " I am God" West is. She's clearly on drugs of some sort.(As is he) How can anyone think or believe that he is sweet. He's an arrogant Pratt. I can't wait for all this to fall apart, which it will. Granted probably not till after the  "Fake" marriage for money scam. Then who's she going to blame.
Perhaps his,
 "special plastic friend"

TOLD YA.. Welcome to your orange suit.. ARSEHOLE

Tuesday, September 22, 2015
A Prime Example of a MORON. Karma she awaits .. Martin Shkreli, 32, founder and chief executive of Turing Pharmaceuticals, purchased the rights to Daraprim which is used for treating life-threatening parasitic infections - for $55million. He raised the price of the drug from $13.50 per tablet to $750 per tablet. Since the announcement, people across social media have criticized the price increase, but Shkreli has backed the decision, saying that his company 'need to turn a profit on the drug'.  

BF Not exactly Meme of the Day.....

YEs? NO???? ????

2018 or not ???

September 12, 2017 As most of you all know. I didn't do Predictions for 2017. As they were just too dark.......... (Got that right).  Many have asked if I will do 2018 Predictions. So here's the deal.................... If I get 1.000 YES comments.
They have to be on this blog............. (Only one comment per person will count). By 30th Sept 2017. I will do 2018 Predictions. ps They are just as dark,  if not more than the none 2017 ones.

He should remember the week has more days...

Rapper The Weeknd........ Has more problems than his "troubled" GF. He is in great danger of going the way.. Many other musos' go.. THE GRAVE.........