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Showing posts from May 4, 2010

Country goes " WEHO"

Country Superstar Chely Wright,
has come out of the closet.
Well this is going to get very interesting.
As of all the music genres country,
is the most homophobic.
But I think she'll be more popular,
in the long run.

Ding,Dong times two...

So Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon,
married just two years.
Renewed their vows the other day.
Pray tell, what are they trying to prove?
That they are married?
Or that it is a real marriage?
My thought.
"Ye doth protest too much". However they will be pregnant by years end.
Times two, one of each.......

Pussy,pussy I thee Wed....

Uwe Mitzscherlich, a German nutter.
Has married his cat.
He bribed an official to make it legal.
OK I could say something naughty.
But, this is OK ?
But same sex marriage is not.
So much for sanctity of marriage.