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Told Ya Lillibet WINS....

Told Ya ( on Talkradio) Lillibet dancing with GLEEeeeeeee 
June 11, 2017 Well, well,  seems Babyfart aka Pres Trump. Doesn't want to come visit the UK. On the State visit Theresa May,  said she'd arrange. As with all Babyfarts promises,  he is backing out. He thinks that the people of the UK, wouldn't welcome him. What is he Psychic all of a sudden.....

TOLD YA... More to come, mind you, they'll say "FAKE NEWS", Well.about time...... August 18, 2013
So at last someone.
The family of an ex soldier.
Have come forward with information.
Re the death of Princess Diana.
Claiming she was murdered.
I've been saying the same since before it happened.
In fact 2 hours before she died.
I said  "LIVE" on British radio.
That they would knock her off.
This is going to get fabulous.........