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Showing posts from December 28, 2011

Not a good idea...........

In April of 2012. A company called Titanic Memorial Cruises. Have chartered a cruise liner to follow the ill fated voyage of the Titanic a hundred years ago. Guess what it is fully booked and has been  for over a year. Tempting fate in such a manner. May just well lead to a repeat performance. A bad year for cruising all round.

She's not that crazy.........

Hollywierd is all a buzz. That Maria & Arnold will get back together. She has been quoted by a "Friend", that she has been having second thoughts. Due to her strong Catholic beliefs. BOLLOCKS.
He'll try, Maria don't LISTEN. Men have been using religion, to control women for years. She won't fall for that. I wonder if the " Friend" is his PR person , ermmmmmm !!!