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There will be a riot .... February 27, 2015

I hope the GOP don't think that
Crook Benjamin Netanyahu. Coming to give his talk in DC. Is a good idea. NO ...... It's going to backfire big time. It's going to make,  House Speaker John Boehner. Turn pale. Quite an achievement considering,  all theMax Factor he uses.

PANCAKE DAY aka FAT TUESDAY Day Meme of the Day

Long Time Coming...

Leslie Moonves,  is Chairman and CEO of CBSCorporation.  In this role, he serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors and oversees all operations of the Company...... He's also about to be exposed,  as thewoman haterthat he is..... In other words a complete PIG... He's almost as bad as "Babyfart". It's going to be "FUN"....