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Showing posts from April 30, 2010

Latin approval......

Tonight Ricky Martin made his, first public appearance, since he came "Out" On the Latin Billboard Awards. On Telemundo Television. He got a standing ovation.  From a Latin macho audience. Maybe times are a changing. But just wait till he gets married in 2014/15.

Time to Cruise on out...

OK, so no one else is going to say this.
Katie Holmes aka Mrs Tom Cruise.
Needs to get away from her current life.
Before she cracks up completely.
Under pressure of her husband
and the crackpots, that surround him.
From that cult he loves so much.
Because Katie he loves that cult,
more than he loves you ! Oh! just wait till the auditioning of his "Wives" comes to light.

Not really a drag.....

Maxxie aka Max Oliver,
from BGT where impersonates
his idol "Lady Gaga".
He has been getting hate mail,
along with death threats.
What is wrong with people.
It's called entertianment,
you morons.
Why don't you put on a frock
and stand up there. On the real Gaga front engagement ring in 2012.